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According to Fiserv (FISV), a financial analytics company, United States’ home values are projected to decline a further 3.6 percent by June 2012, which, if true, would drive USA home prices to a new low: 35% below the early 2006 peak, resulting in a triple price dip, which has not been the case in the Bozeman Montana real estate market.

On the National front, several factors appear to be against a US housing market recovery in 2012, which include both continued home foreclosures and high unemployment, according to David Stiff, Chief Economist at Fiserv.

Montana Total Payroll Employment Growth www2.fdic.gov

On the Montana front, the Bozeman home sales market appears to be ready to defy this national trend with far fewer mortgage defaults and higher employment figures (see MT Employment Growth Table above) than most of the United States.


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