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The Best United States’ Cities to Raise Outdoor Children includes Bozeman, Montana, which is  rated in the top 20 Best Places to Raise an Outdoor Kid.

Bozeman, Montana was ranked 18th and received an overall score of 54 points.

Population of Bozeman, Montana is approximately 27,500.

The median Bozeman home price is approximately $253,000.

  1. Fifteen points for  Mountaineering Associations and Outdoor Science School that teaches youth outdoor classes.
  2. Eighteen points for being a College town and Bozeman’s nascent high-tech industry. Also, 15 percent of Bozeman, MT people commute to work by walking or bicycling.
  3. Twenty-one points because many homes are within a 15-minute walk of some type of  trail system. Also, it’s only a 1.5-hour drive to Yellowstone National Park. Bozeman is  close to abundant wildlife and beautiful national forests like the Gallatin National Forest, the Deerlodge National Forest, and the Beaverhead National Forest.

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You already know about Bozeman being so close to world-class skiingat Bridger Bowl, Big Sky, and Moonlight Basin, but do you know that Bozeman is a paddling town, with some of the world’s best paddling streams and finest kayakers and canoeists? According to the July-August issue of Paddler Magazine, Bozeman, Montana is #11 in kayaking in the U.S.

Cover Paddler Magazine July - August 2008

Cover Paddler Magazine July - August 2008

Some of southwest Montana kayaking streams with great paddling and your share of whitewater:

  1. Yellowstone River: Yankee Jim Canyon
  2. Gallatin River: Mad Mile and House Rock
  3. The Jefferson River
  4. Madison River: Bear Trap Canyon
  5. The Boulder River
  6. Missouri River: try long, long paddles…

Read More on the Best Kayaking Towns at Paddler Magazine

Remember Bozeman’s other world-class activities:  Hyalite Canyon’s ice climbing, hiking, hunting, trail running, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, fly-fishing, Montana Skiing.

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From: bizjournals – July 21, 2008 by G. Scott Thomas

Bozeman Ranked #2 Dreamtown in United States

Helena, Montana Ranked #5

America may be a metropolitan nation, but most of us don’t seem very happy about it.

A total of 252 million people — 83.5 percent of all Americans — live in metropolitan areas. That includes 164 million in the 51 biggest metros, the ones with populations above 1 million.

Yet a substantial number of these residents of big cities and inner-ring suburbs don’t have their hearts in it. They would prefer to live on the suburban fringe or in small-town America, as repeatedly shown by surveys during the past decade.

The top three small towns:
1. Torrington, Conn.
2. Bozeman, Montana.
3. Lexington Park, Md.

Bozeman Quality of Life –
Strengths: This Rocky Mountain community is fast-growing and prosperous. Only four micropolitan areas have expanded more rapidly than Bozeman since the start of this decade. The local poverty rate is the lowest in any U.S. micro, and the unemployment rate is the second-lowest.
Location: South-central Montana, west of Billings
Closest major metropolitan area: Denver, 517 air miles

Bozeman Quick Stats –
Area population: 81,763
Population growth since 2000: 20.5%
Average commuting time: 20.6 minutes
Median household income: $47,532
Homeownership rate: 66.2%
Median house value: $261,900
Adults with bachelor’s degrees: 45.2%

Read More at Biz Journal  – Taunya Fagan, giving you the advantage…®

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Bozeman’s Sweet Pea Festival is a celebration of the Arts. Bozeman, Montana’s Sweet Pea Festival was instituted to celebrate the arts in and around the community of Bozeman. The Sweet Pea Festival thrives because Bozeman and the greater Gallatin Valley region desires to continue in this annual celebration of the arts…because art adds immensely to the life of the community.

From The Sweet Pea website:

Founders. The Sweet Pea Festival had its humble beginnings in 1978. It was established to be a community event that celebrates, cultivates and promotes the arts in Bozeman”. The founders of this event wrote on April 13, 1977; “a working committee took shape from an amorphous group of Bozemanites dedicating themselves to staging a three-day “celebration of creativity” among the community ….”.

Giving back to the community. Sweet Pea is the definition of community in its purest form. The original founders desired that the festival support and encourage cultural activities beyond the annual celebration. To this end, the Sweet Pea Festival has a proud tradition of returning any funds gathered beyond expenses back to the community. Any profits realized above and beyond the year’s expenses are given back to the community, each year, in the form of grants for arts, arts education and special projects, such as taking care of the beautiful park that hosts the Festival.

Run by Volunteers. Sweet Pea has always been run and organized by volunteers. It has grown from a group of 17 organizers to 35 committees, 50 year-round Board members and up to 2,000 volunteers by the time all is accomplished for the current year.

Funding. Sweet Pea is funded primarily by the sale of the admissions. The first organizers purchased two button making machines and five committee members created 1,000 buttons each. In 2004 over 19,000 buttons were sold.

You may volunteer. Sweet Pea has been an important part of the arts and the artistic and cultural life of Bozeman for nearly 30 years. It is the hope of all of the dedicated volunteers, past and present that Sweet Pea will continue on in the exciting and important tradition it has established and continue to remain the most cherished celebration that it is.

Premier Events include: Sweet Pea Ball, Chalk on the Walk, Bite of Bozeman, Art Show Opening

Things To Do:

MUSIC – PARADE – POSTER – THEATRE – More Bozeman Events

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