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The Best United States’ Cities to Raise Outdoor Children includes Bozeman, Montana, which is  rated in the top 20 Best Places to Raise an Outdoor Kid.

Bozeman, Montana was ranked 18th and received an overall score of 54 points.

Population of Bozeman, Montana is approximately 27,500.

The median Bozeman home price is approximately $253,000.

  1. Fifteen points for  Mountaineering Associations and Outdoor Science School that teaches youth outdoor classes.
  2. Eighteen points for being a College town and Bozeman’s nascent high-tech industry. Also, 15 percent of Bozeman, MT people commute to work by walking or bicycling.
  3. Twenty-one points because many homes are within a 15-minute walk of some type of  trail system. Also, it’s only a 1.5-hour drive to Yellowstone National Park. Bozeman is  close to abundant wildlife and beautiful national forests like the Gallatin National Forest, the Deerlodge National Forest, and the Beaverhead National Forest.

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