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Ten Rules to Follow When Buying Your Montana Home – From a Montana REALTOR®

1. Stay where you are. Commit to your new house for at least two years prior to buying another home.

2. Money is important. If you will apply for a home mortgage, order a credit report and ensure your credit is adequate for what you need.

3. Have a motgage lender pre-approve you. This will save you time–you won’t waste it touring at houses that are too expensive.

4. Carefully figure the best home mortgage payment you can afford. Look at many home loan options in an effort to pinpoint a loan in your best interest.

5. Be certain about where you want to purchase your home and what you want to purchase, considering schools, work, location to recreation and amenities.

6. Consider your Montana home’s value when reselling. A good school district is a plus when reselling, even if you have no school-age children.

7. Do the neccesary homework. Predicate property offers on the trend in sales of homes similar to yours in your neighborhood.

8. Consider and then calculate every hidden cost, like insurance, home owner association fees, property taxes, home maintenance  and others. These “hidden costs” can cost extra money over time, if you fail to identify them.

9. Keep from being house poor. Never allow yourself to spend beyond the amount needed for your mortgage payments, leaving little or nothing for home maintenance, landscaping costs, etc.

10. Find professional assistance with Taunya Fagan Bozeman Montana Real Estate. As a Montana REALTOR® she will help you get the most for your hard-earned money and will look out for your best interest.

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